We will cause changes.
We will be your
secret ingredient.

  • Analysis of your business.
  • Design of the plan of action to improve sales and get repeat customers.
  • Design of the economic plan for regular expenses and manage your trading account (raw material, staff costs, costs of structure). So you will have more information on the data that are generated on a daily basis.
  • Strategic and operational circuits are proposed in order to increase the effectiveness of daily operations.
  • Digitization: implement digital and technological solutions to solve the problems of shopping, personnel management, delivery notes, collections, customer segmentation for marketing, reservations, etc.
  • Optimization of industrial suppliers, and partners.
  • Design of new cards and commercial offers.
  • Services of branding, marketing and communication.
  • Coaching for managers and management team.
  • Specific Consultations “in situ” and online.
  • Transformation of the model of internal organization with the aim to professionalize it and give it
    of management resources in its expansion process, allowing you to grow in an orderly and cost-effective.
  • Accompany the property in the definition of internal regulations and management protocols.
    Guidance in the future.
  • Training, introduction and mediation in the start-up of new roles, processes and protocols
    According to the strategic plan of growth.
  • Digital Transformation of the company as a group. Unified data.
  • Personal Coaching to the investor in the whole process.
  • Economic Plan toward transition from group.
  • Recruitment of general managers, executive chefs and directors of operations.
  • Collaboration in the design of kitchens and premises in order to make them operational and efficient
  • Assistance in the development of economic and investment plan at the negotiation.
  • Looking for good locations and premises.
  • Legal advice and permissions.
  • Implementation of new concepts or implementation in the territory of an existing business
    in another area or franchises.
  • New dining brands and concepts from the creation up to the opening.
  • Intermediation in processes for the acquisition of new restaurants.
  • Generation of Join ventures with suppliers or partners
  • Optimization of your business to be transferred or franchise.
  • Preparation of investment processes for risk capital, investment groups or for owners who
    are selling part of its share capital.
  • Implementation of foreign concepts in the Spanish market.
  • Franchise Management and improvement of its results.
  • Ideation, creation and implementation of new concepts adapted to the opportunities
    of the area or the hotel.
  • Creation of gastronomic offer and pricing.
  • Design of brand image.
  • Management of Food & Beverage solutions for hotels.
  • Weekly coaching and Audits in departments of F & B.
  • Training to management teams.
  • Negotiating successful concepts to implementation in hotels.
  • Start-up of delivery for omnichannel restaurants. Digitization, commercial offer, commercial channels, strategy.
  • Strategy for own dark kitchens or real estate dark kitchens. Design, contracting, partner services, commercial activity.
  • Creation of virtual brands. Improvement and activation of virtual brands.
  • Robotization of dark kitchens.
  • Management and organization improvements for food on demand businesses and dark kitchen operators.
  • Training in sales improvement levers, market forecasts and omnichannel delivery and restaurant business management.
  • Marketing for delivery and for operation in dark kitchens.
  • Market forecasts for investments.
  • Branding: improve the current brand to relaunch it and increase results.
  • Marketing and communication: we find the balance between the image of letter, interiors and exteriors
  • Design of coherent identities and no contradictions with the premises for which the public understand
    their characteristics and their range.
  • Strategic plan of social networking and implementation of contents.
  • Pla estratègic de comunicació per a re-inauguracions o rellançar canvis.
  • Creació de cartes, cartelleria, packaging per a delivery i elements de PLV
  • Training: Tailor-made courses for catering groups or hospitality and tourism schools.
  • Conferences: Innovative hostess lectures.